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How You Can Used This Service to Your Advantage

Make this service an intelligent part of your success story! But using this service means a commitment to managing your finances responsibly. Successful advances require that you take the time to evaluate carefully all your financial options.

When you're short on funds use a cash advance to get the money that you need.

Some people shy away from borrowing. That's because they understand that a payday loan isn't the first place to go if you're short on funds and looking for money. That's because short term lenders are able to provide anyone with service-regardless of their personal credit score-by charging sub-prime interest rates. But if your alternatives are starting to grow thin, this is an important option to consider.

When is it smart to consider borrowing?

These services are designed to give you the funds you need until your paycheck arrives. You should never request money unless you are absolutely certain you will be able to repay the loan in full by the due date. Late fees and finance charges can be expensive.

Also, because anyone can sign up for assistance regardless of credit history, payday loans tend to have sub-prime interest rates. They tend to have higher interest rates than long-term loans or revolving credit accounts. That means you should only use these services:

  1. when you have a financial emergency that can't wait until payday;
  2. to avoid payments on late bills (when the cost of late fees from your other bills would end up costing you more than a cash advance at sub-prime interest; or
  3. when both (1) and (2) are true.

But, regardless of why you need to request funds, it is never wise to accept more money than you know you will be able to repay when the loan comes due. Period. To learn more about how responsible borrowing can put you back on the road to financial security, find out how a immediate cash advance can save your budget in a time of crisis.

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